Is Your Child Vaping?

Vaping is a hipster version of smoking tobacco.  Retail vaporiums sell flavored vapor cartridges with or without nicotine which are battery activated and placed in high-tech gadgets. The vaping liquids are sometimes made with propylene glycol which according to the Food and Drug Administration may affect infertility and the health of offspring.  Another study found five minutes of vaporing lowers lung function as much as smoking a cigarette. A recent study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, found youths had a six times the odds of smoking a traditional cigarette than those who never tried this device.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta reported that the use of the devices by youths doubled in 2012.  The global market for e-cigarettes may top $5 billion this year. 

Supporters of this product say users avoid the 60 known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke, i.e., tars and arsenic, which have been linked to cancer and the use of the product may be a way to kick tobacco.

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