You’d Be Surprised What Your Home Owners Insurance Covers?

Most people know if there is damage to their home or if a theft occurs in their home they should call their homeowners insurance. However, there are other occurrences which you may be surprised that your homeowners insurance may cover. One-third of all homeowners insurance claims are related to dog bites.  Many policies will provide coverage for medical bills for the injured person, as well as future medical bills needed, past and future pain and suffering, and for any permanent scarring or disfigurement.   Since damages can be catastrophic in certain circumstances, you may wish to also carry an umbrella policy.  While dog owners are strictly liable for damages, under certain circumstances their exposure may be mitigated if they have placed a “Bad Dog Sign” on their property or if the bite victim carelessly provoked or aggravated the dog.  In the event a claim is made against you and you have the appropriate coverage, contact your insurance company immediately as they will represent your interests and provide legal counsel should the need arise.

Many homeowners’ policies also provide protection for college students’ belongings while they’re away from home. So if your child while a college student suffers a theft in their dorm room or apartment, call your homeowners insurance for guidance. Although many of the following are not likely to occur, you will be covered in the event of damage from wild animals (other than from rodent or domestic animal), riots, terrorist attacks, volcanic eruptions, and meteorites.  For friends living out west, an insurance rider will be necessary to cover them from earthquakes just as for us locally; one is needed to cover floods.

We recommend you contact your insurance agent to see what type of coverage you have and what additional coverages may be available for you. The Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman are always interested in the safety for the people of our community and have helped many individuals over the years who have unfortunately suffered serious and painful injuries as a result of dog attacks.   We welcome the opportunity to assist you or your loved ones who may have suffered serious injury as a result of a dog attack or as a result of other wrongdoings, and as always please feel free to contact my office with any legal questions you may have.  

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