Staying Healthy on Your Next Flight

After returning from a family vacation, which involved my son spending most of the time in the hotel due to a sudden illness upon landing, I figured I would share with you some tips for flying from an article I had read prior to flying.  Unfortunately I did not follow or share with my family the advice of its authors Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen (Chairman of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic.) So your next family vacation or business trip is not ruined or hampered, I share with you the following:

  1. Only drink liquids from a bottle or can.  Prior water supply testing on planes found E. coli in 10% of the samples.
  2. Super flush toilets can spew germs. Avoid any touching of the toilet surface or the water.
  3. Do not wash your hands in the bathroom sink.   Bring and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. (Of course make sure the hand sanitizer does not exceed the limitation of 3.4 ounces.)
  4. The blankets and pillows which come in plastic wrap may not be sanitized or clean.  Better to bring your own travel pillow and blanket or jacket for warmth.
  5. Keep your food off of the tray tables. These are rarely sanitized and serve for many uses including baby-changing stations.  If you must use them, clean with alcohol wipes.
  6. Don’t reach into the seat pockets as they are filled with bacteria and viruses.

I hope these tips make your next flight and trip a safer and healthier one. The Law Office of Steven S. Farbman is always interested in the safety for the members of our community.  As always please feel free to contact my office with any legal questions you may have.

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