Because of the beautiful weather and the number of tourists Florida is rated as having the highest number of motorcycle accidents in the country according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida an attorney should be one of the first people you call to help you understand the special laws, regulations and insurance requirements that have been put in place in Florida as the number of accidents continue to rise.

To help you understand the laws governing who is at fault in Florida an attorney should be consulted. The laws regarding responsibility in the state of Florida are different than those in other states and take into account a number of variables including road conditions, the weather at the time of the accident, speed, driver fatigue and any alcohol or drug influence for both parties involved. Florida uses a comparative fault system that uses the above factors to determine who bears what proportion of the fault in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident attorneys in Florida know the licensing requirements in the state and are well versed in taking those into account when the time comes to go to trial over an accident. In the state of Florida a person who is under the age of 21 must complete a mandatory motorcycle safety course on a motorcycle whose engine is bigger than 50c.c.s in order to get either their motorcycle only license or the motorcycle endorsement on their regular license. Once you are over 21 you can opt for a written test instead of the safety course. A court will take into account whether or not you chose to take the skills test or the written test when it comes to assigned responsibility in an accident.

Your Florida accident attorney can tell that while it is not required for you to have motorcycle insurance to register your motorcycle in the state it is highly recommended. After you have an accident you will be required by law to purchase insurance that covers property damage and bodily injury in order to keep your motorcycle endorsement and the tags on your bike.

Your Florida accident attorney can explain the different compensatory awards that can be assessed by the judge should the other party be found at fault for the accident. You may be awarded compensatory damages that are intended to return you back to the condition you were in before the accident. This means that it should cover your medical bills both present and future, loss of wages or out of pocket expenses and any loss or diminishment of future earnings due to injuries suffered in the accident.

In some cases your Florida accident attorney can help you receive general damages which are intended to cover areas such a pain and suffering, this includes things like anxiety suffered as a result of the accident and any embarrassment that might occur as a result of the injuries. The compensatory damages pay the bills but the general damages pay for the things that can�t be seen. If your attorney can prove that someone caused the accident on purpose such as throwing something at you or directly in your path you can also be awarded punitive damages.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the Florida attorney you need is Steven Farbman of the Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman. He is a board certified civil trial lawyer and has been practicing law for over 24 years specializing in the area of wrongful death and personal injuries.

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